Faith, and the ability to submit, are privileges of the soul that I do not have, and perhaps do not want (but only fools believe it possible to think about hypotheticals objectively).
I am not the religious man who lives his life in a constant state of faith, living to please God, scenes of heaven or hell always in the horizon, head always bowed in submission. Yet, I am a deeply religious man, as Einstein famously said. I am the religious man who lives life in a perpetual state of awe and childlike curiosity – marveling at the wonder and magic of creation, destruction, life and existence; the ecstasy of the struggle for truth; the euphoria of questioning, understanding, testing the limits of this world; this thing called I, and all of the billion I’s around me, all bastards of God and beast. And above all, always stumbling on another mystery, another tantalizing, esoteric truth just out of reach, and the possibility of truths beyond my wildest dreams.
The modern man, one spoke in a great cosmic wheel, does not feel the need to pray. Not because he is brave, but because he has insulated himself from all sources of fear, shut the door on the world. Not because he is wise, but because he has begun to walk through the world with a faint, flickering candle, illuminating some things that were in darkness, but casting long shadows in turn; yet a candle of his own making, foolishly believing that he has no need of the sun.
The Overman does not need religion. He has no fear, and he is wise. But he is, in many ways, perhaps the most religious of them all. For only he truly understands divinity, having reached its shadow, and the meanings of all the metaphorical knowledge that is but a memory of our predecessors, our creators, the last Overmen. It is his imperative to destroy and create. His duty to transcend and inspire. He is artist, philosopher, scientist and tyrant. He creates his own worlds, and populates them with life. He commands worship, love, fear and submission. He preserves the memory of his ancestors, for they were the last gods, and he must take up their mantle. Thus there is always and everywhere a new world emerging, yet always and everywhere there is nothing new under the sun. The path of civilization is both a climb, as we see it, and a circle, as our forefathers did. Sentience, consciousness and intelligence exist to climb from the biological cesspool to unimaginable heights, and then to start the cycle again. Every god that we have remembered has lived and died. New ones are born everyday.

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