Some are born for a time long gone
They live forever in memory and longing
Some are born for a time yet to come
They pine for the future, their naivety shapes history
Most are born to the passions of the times
They look to their neighbours for thought and purpose
The history of humanity is their struggle and motion
A vast herd, a pendulum between nostalgia and idealism

Yet in those rarest of times when a star falls from the heavens
And the old gods are reborn in a burst of invisible flame
Some are born who know no time nor space
Memory is embraced, nostalgia is crushed
Laughing at death, contempt for the naive
Their thoughts are immortal, their actions shake the cosmos
The lives of men, the future of the world
Mere playthings, a stage for their stories to unfold

Prophet, tyrant, artist and philosopher
Creator, preserver, punisher, destroyer
Take all you see before you, claim your right to the throne
Reduce the world to ashes, create a new one as your own.

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