The blue moon – II

The moon cried tears that killed the world
The night was heavy with her sorrow
I gazed for hours but she looked away
Left me to silence, until tomorrow

I searched for her again, she was not there
I asked why her tears did flow
She did not answer, her voice was silent
But I heard her cry, in silence, until tomorrow

I walked in the night, remembering her face
Searched far and wide to discover her sorrow
I asked the stars and they turned their backs
Left me to silence, until tomorrow.

In prayers, hopes, in dreams I saw her face
My agony was unheard, the gods did not hear my sorrow
The world grew barren, frozen, dead
My feet wept blood, I walked to find tomorrow

But though the night and the stars were cold
Cruel observers of my death and her sorrow
I saw one lone star shine back at me
Telling me to wait, wait until tomorrow

In dreams the gods spoke, they had felt my pain
My heart grew heavy, their faces drawn in sorrow
Your life for her tears, they whispered to me
Their words still hung as I opened my eyes tomorrow

My life for her tears, my soul for her fears
I knew what I must do to banish her sorrow
My life was forfeit from the night I knew her face
I knew that I must die tomorrow

I looked up again, and though I could not see her
Her presence drowned the night, the air heavy with her sorrow
I whispered words of hope, in quiet desperation
And gave my soul away that I may see her tomorrow.

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