Pope Francis against neoliberalism, finance capitalism, consumerism and inequality

This man continues to surprise me.

Economic Sociology and Political Economy

In November 2013 Pope Francis has issued his first Apostolic Exhortation translated into English as The Joy of the Gospel. Over 224 pages, in remarkably direct and personal language, Pope Francis – the first Pope from the Global South – outlines his vision on numerous themes.
In my view, the most astounding part of this document is a section in which he sharply, sagaciously and concisely discusses neoliberalism and finance capitalism, vigorously condemning their certain outcome – an increasing and killing inequality, and calling for social justice. Rejecting illusionary “trickle-down economics”, Francis denounces the current economic system as “unjust at its root”, based on a tyranny of the market and worship of money, in which financial speculation, widespread corruption and tax evasion reign supreme, and economy of exclusion generates violence.
Hereby pasted the (almost) full text of this radical and striking tractate (1,300 words, about 9 minutes to read), which easily could be written by an economic sociologist, political economist or passionate erudite activist.



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